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New Year, Still Me

1 January 2012

I’ve been blogging at UTNT for almost three months now.  I’ve made some small changes along the way, found new resources, and had a few bumps and bruises.

I’m excited to continue to look at how I live and how I can be a little more purposeful.  To me, that’s a huge part of being a good steward of the earth.  What I am in doing in my life right now without really thinking, researching, etc.?

We don’t all have to be extremists in lifestyle.  In fact, I would argue that our society doesn’t allow for that.  With cost of living, job allocation, division of resources, and the responsibilities and commitments each person has, it’s not possible.

But there are changes we can all make, from small to large.  This next year, I have a few goals in mind when it comes to living with the environment and my own health in mind:

  1. I want to make better use of public transportation, especially since for me it’s already paid for through my tuition at school.
  2. I want to continue to use a basic collection of products.
  3. I want to use my legs more, whether it’s walking or biking, to run errands nearby and to benefit my health.
  4. I want to make more by hand.
  5. And I want to research issues from both sides.  It’s all too easy to Google something, stumble upon one article and move on from that one point.  Nothing is that simple.

I’m not giving up my car, living off the land, or make extreme changes.  At least not yet. 😉

Happy New Year to all my readers out there!  Now tel me, what are you thinking about changing or focusing on this year?

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  1. 2 January 2012 7:16 am

    I love your point about reasearching an issue from both sides. I am so guilty of the “Google something, stumble upon one article and move on from that one point” syndrome. This reminded me that that is a dangerous habit to fall into!

    Happy to discover your second blog!!!

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