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Happy Thriftmas

19 December 2011

I was raised by a man who loves a good deal and saving money.

If he’s running errands on Saturday and sees a sign for a garage sale, you better believe he’s stopping.  He knows when the big sales happen and what stores carry discount merchandise.

We grew up with the heat set to 68 (Fahrenheit, obviously) at the highest.  And you better believe that I know where to find the best deal on gas (he actually switched his prescription to earn more points towards discounted gas).

The man is a professional.

This year he wanted to take it to a new level, by doing a handmade/secondhand Christmas.  The only new items allowed under the tree must be made by someone or an essential like underwear (because thrifted underwear would just be gross and wrong).

I’ve found some great things for most of my family.  The hardest part, to me, is that there’s a bigger time commitment since you can’t expect to find certain items in one trip.

I’ll let you know how it all comes out on Christmas day.

  1. 20 December 2011 1:25 pm

    Your dad and I are the same person. Except I go the extra mile and just call myself cheep. Most of my gifts this year are either handmade by me or by someone else (Etsy) and because of it I feel like I did so much better at finding unique things I think my family will appreciate! You go E’s dad!!

    • 23 December 2011 12:25 am

      I love the idea of handmade/secondhand, but I did not get started with my shopping soon enough! I’ll give my dad a high five for you. 🙂

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