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Cleaning: A Win and Loss

5 December 2011

A few days ago I picked up a couple empty spray bottles from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I didn’t have any of my own to reuse and had been searching for weeks for bottles of my own.  I thought I had found some a few weeks ago at a grocery story, but they refused to function.

Today I finally had the chance to fill the bottles up and use them.  I decided to put together my preferred tub/tile cleaning solution I’ve featured here before, along with a basic water/vinegar combo with a little tea tree oil.

Cleaning solutions in bottles.

The vinegar solution is mixed and ready to use.  The other cleaner foamed, which I was expecting due to the baking soda/vinegar mixture.  I had hoped that if it sat long enough, the foam would dissipate, but it’s 5 hours later and it’s still really working.

I’m not sure how to solve this problem…maybe by adding more water eventually.  For now, I’m locking it in the cupboard and pretending it’s not a problem.  Hopefully I’ll actually be able to put it to use in a day or two.

I used the excess foaming cleaner to work on our stove top, including the burner pans (is that what they’re called??).  They weren’t in the best shape when we moved in.  The build up isn’t from our cooking, but it just look so gross I had to do something about it.

stove burner pans before/after

Speaking of my cupboard, I cleaned it out and organized it a couple weeks ago.  My type-A heart is much happier now.  I also purchased a caddy to store all my supplies and easily pull them out for use.  Double the happiness in my heart. 🙂

cleaning supply caddy

In case you are wondering, this caddy contains a small bottle of bleach (I haven’t actually used it) vinegar, olive oil, a couple kinds of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, sponges, reuseable wipes and gloves, essential oils (lavendar, lemongrass, and tea tree oil), baking soda, and castor oil.

  1. 5 December 2011 11:36 pm

    I have the same caddy!

    Bleach isn’t actually all that harmful when used as a cleaning product. Unlike a lot of other cleaning products, bleach breaks down over time and is relatively safe. It’s used in water/sewage treatment and using it to clean your toilet or shower isn’t bad either. Just don’t go dumping huge bottles of clorox into your local creek or lake. Although, maybe it would be GOOD if you dumped it in Greenlake! Ha! 😉

    • 6 December 2011 2:51 pm

      Thanks for the heads up about bleach. I wasn’t sure about how good it was to use. And it certainly couldn’t hurt Greenlake. 🙂

  2. Carolyn permalink
    6 December 2011 10:46 am

    You’re amazing. Your roomies are stinkin’ lucky to have a live-in cleaning lady!

  3. 6 December 2011 1:27 pm

    I’ve just started to get into greener cleaning products – I used to use the green laundry detegerent but it turns out it is actually pretty harmful to washing machines – AND didn’t seem to be that great for the environment either which was kind of lose a lose.

    Love it!

    • 6 December 2011 2:52 pm

      I’ll have to look into some good DIY or green laundry detergent options. I’m sure you’ve done some research, but I haven’t done any at all yet.

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