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Friday Tidbit: Christmas Trees

25 November 2011

For some of you, this might seem early for a Christmas-related post.  For others, it can’t come soon enough.  Either way, I stumbled across a couple Christmas tree infographics that I thought were interesting and wanted to share.

A Tree-mendous Christmas Tree InfographicArtificial Christmas Trees from All-In-One Garden Centre

Christmas Spending Numbers

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I have a few thoughts about these two infographics.  If you have a chance to go cut down a tree at a farm, do it!  Our family has for years, and even though I like to grumble, it’s always fun.  Plus I love getting the cider and salty popcorn there.

You should definitely consider switching to LED lights.  They are so much more efficient.  And if you have lights up outside your house.  Consider putting them on a timer, or only run them during the evening hours.

Finally, if you are getting a tree this year, make sure to recycle it at the end of the season.  Don’t just throw it into a dumpster.  If nothing else, take advantage of the boy scouts offering to pick it up.

Hopefully you all survived Thanksgiving and get to enjoy the weekend!

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  1. 26 November 2011 1:54 pm

    My grandfather owns a huge Christmas tree farm in New York. I love the smell of freshly cut trees. Unfortunately I’ve always lived really far away from him so I’ve never had the pleasure of hosting one of his trees in my house for Christmas…I’m a fake pre-lit Christmas tree kind of gal.

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