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Mopping the Floors

23 November 2011

I’m back at my parent’s house for the week.  I am usually up here two nights a week for work, so I’m saving myself some gas by staying up through the holiday.

With family headed in to celebrate with us, there was a lot of cleaning to get done.  Before I left my apartment, I made sure to grab my Dr. Bronner’s and was I ever thankful.  I ended up cleaning the kitchen, including mopping the floors, and inexplicably my mom didn’t have any vinegar.

Dr. Bronner’s to the rescue.  I mixed 1/4 c of the castile soap (Eucalyptus scented, which I’m loving) with 2 gallons of hot water, and went to town.  I loved the smell and the floors looked fabulous.

I had just mopped the floor in the kitchen at my apartment on Sunday using vinegar, water, and a little tea tree oil.  Both options worked great for cleaning up the floors.  So keep those options in mind next time you’re scrubbing your kitchen down.

I hope no one is going crazy getting ready/getting to your holiday celebration.  I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully, if I can figure this technology out) with my first vlog.  You should probably get prepared for my scrubby awkwardness starting now.

  1. 23 November 2011 11:26 am

    Have you ever heard of Bar Keepers Friend? I don’t know how green it is, but it is non-bleach and works magic on your pots and pans.

    • 23 November 2011 11:54 am

      I’ve never heard of it and will have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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