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Guest Post: Maria

21 November 2011

It’s time for another guest post here on UTNT.  I think it’s really helpful to hear what other people are doing to be a little more green.  Today’s featured blogger is no exception.  Read on for Maria’s post (and an absolutely hilarious story).  Thanks to Maria for stopping by!!

Hi Everyone!  I’m Maria.  I’m really excited that Elizabeth is letting me guest post today!  I’ve just started to green-ify my household, but I hope the few things I’ve discovered will help others.

This past summer myself and 5 of my friends were having a blast celebrating our annual girls weekend at my cottage in Oscoda.  After a day of canoeing on the river with our favorite beer, jack and coke and pinnacle vodka the afternoon was quite chaotic while we scavenged for food.  Once things had settled down we started to notice that the toilet was acting funny.  Flushing but not flushing all the way and then completely overflowing.  We are talking waterfalls gushing over the bowl.

A 700 square foot house with only one bathroom is a not a good place to have an overflowing commode.

While the lovely Mandy and Lisa plunged and scooped water with a plastic cup (!),  Jenni went to work on her phone.  She found a concoction to unplug a toilet with baking soda, boiling water and vinegar.  This sounds so much better than drain-o or other harsh environmentally unfriendly chemicals.  Also, great for a septic tank.

Unfortunately for us, the septic tank was full and the baking soda, water and vinegar wasn’t going to work, but I’m keeping the article handy for when the bathroom sink gets backed up again.

Other ways we lean toward green in my house are bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and reusing plastic cleaning bottles.

One more tip I came across was on Pinterest the other day.  It is a way to make your own Febreeze. Having 3 dogs, this is a definite must!

Little by little we are finding ways to buy less and reuse more.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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