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Friday Tidbit: Story of Stuff

11 November 2011

Last night I was talking with someone about this blog.  Her first question to me once the explanation was finished, “Have you heard of The Story of Stuff?”

In the far reaches of my brain, which seem even further away at this point in the quarter, there was a small bit of recognition.  Obviously, I needed to do a little research (a.k.a. googling).

The Story of Stuff started out in 2007 as a cartoon about trash, one that Annie Leonard hoped would get 50,000 views online.  To this day, the video has over 15 million views, and led to the creation of The Story of Stuff Project, which includes a number of other videos (on cosmetics, water bottles, electronics, and even the current economic crisis).

The Story of Stuff Project is a great source of information, as well as an excellent educational resource.  And it’s all really interesting information.  You should probably check it out.

I’ll share the introduction video here, but you can watch the full version on The Story of Stuff Project website.  Or any of the other videos the interest you.

Have you heard of The Story of Stuff?


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